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Support and Engineering Policy
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Solve Networks Support and Engineering Policy

This document explains Solve Networks support and engineering policy. This policy does not apply to commercial support queries such as order status, accounts payable, and similar commercial concerns.



  1. Solve Networks Customer - A company, organization, reseller, or individual who purchases product(s) directly from Solve Networks.

  2. Resale Contact - A company, organization, or individual who purchases products from a system integrator, reseller, or original equipment manufacturer who had sourced the product(s) in question from Solve Networks.

  3. Pre-sales Support - Assistance provided to Solve Networks Customers or prospective Customers to assist in gathering their technical requirements and proposing and/or demonstrating offerings to those needs utilizing Solve Networks products.

  4. Post-sales Support – Assistance provided to Solve Networks Customers in troubleshooting equipment purchased directly from Solve Networks that is not operating correctly, providing guidance to Customer to assist in remedying the issue.

  5. Engineering – Engineering assistance related to overall system design, and product configuration, including but not limited to:

    • Pre- or post-shipment configuration and testing of purchased equipment

    • System design and/or architectural drawings

    • System documentation development

    • Support provided at a customer site

    • Turn-key system implementation and startup

    • Product training

  6. DIY Support Resources – Blog posts, videos, knowledge base articles, and other support documentation published on the Solve Networks website, device manufacturer website, and other self-help Internet sites.


Description of Solve Networks Support Services

Solve Networks Support provides remote support for all active subscribers on a Solve Networks customer account.  The extent of Solve Networks Support is related to the cellular uplink of a customer device.  It does not apply to the general configuration or application settings applied to a customer device.  Solve Networks customers obtain technical support from the Solve Networks Support team through email or via the phone.  Solve Networks only offers remote technical support.  Onsite service is not included in any Solve Networks Support offering.  All onsite services are at the client’s expense.

Solve Networks Support will perform support services primarily through email and telephone.  However, Solve Networks Support may occasionally also offer its customers the option of remote computer, cloud management software, or remote router control, where a support representative can – with the customer’s explicit consent – take over the customer computer, cloud management software account, or router.  Solve Networks engineers are not allowed to use remote control without the explicit consent of the customer.

Solve Networks will use reasonable effort to provide the customer with technical support.

Solve Networks reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Solve Networks can at Solve Networks’ sole discretion leverage access to major wireless carrier support organizations for cellular network issues.

Solve Networks Support can provide:

  • Pre-sales guidance to Solve Networks customers and prospective customers related to hardware selection, based on application information provided by customer.

  • Assistance to Solve Networks Customers to determine if the issue they are experiencing is due to defective hardware or improper configuration.

  • Guidance on product features for given application, including providing links to DIY Support Resources.

The services described above are only available to Solve Networks Customers. In the case of resellers, Solve Networks will provide Support at its sole discretion. If it is determined that the caller is a Resale Contact, or had purchased the hardware from another non-Solve Networks source, the caller may be directed to call the entity they purchased the hardware from for technical assistance. Alternatively, the Solve Networks Engineer can coordinate a quote to provide support on a time and materials basis.


Description of Solve Networks Engineering Services

If a support request is determined to be an Engineering request, the Solve Networks Engineer will determine the rough scope of requirements through discussion with the caller, and coordinate, if required, a project quote. Engineering and Field Support can be delivered as a turn-key service or on a time and materials basis.


Support Coverage

Support cases may be opened via 3 methods - email to [email protected], phone call with a live representative to (888) 365-0913 Option 3, or phone message to (888) 365-0913 Option 3.

Support cases may be opened at all times (24x7x365).  If the support case is opened outside of Solve Networks standard hours of 8AM – 5PM Central time and meets the 24x7 Qualified Emergency Criteria, it will be worked by an on-call engineer.  If the case does not meet the Qualified Emergency Criteria, it will be worked during normal business hours.


Qualified Emergency Criteria

Qualifying for 24x7 emergency support requires all of the following:

  1. A previously deployed and functioning device must be in a down state.

  2. The down device must have a significant negative impact on the company calling for support.

  3. The company calling for support must have a technical representative available for remote troubleshooting.


Changes to Support and Engineering Policy

Solve Networks reserves the right to update this policy without prior notification and to deviate from this policy in certain cases, at its sole discretion. To remain up-to-date with our support policy, please check this page periodically.

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